RSVP Today for our December Monthly Meeting

Join us on December Presentation & Luncheon

11:30 a.m.  at Miramont Country Club in Bryan

Chris Field
Mercy Project
CEO & Founder

Disrupting for Good: Using Passion & Persistence
to Create Lasting Change

Please RSVP to Robin Taylor at by noon on Friday, December 6, 2019.
Also, please click the ticket URL to pay in advance. If you do pay in advance, you must also RSVP to Robin Taylor at

In late 2014, a friend sent Chris an email about a new college program where students could earn a degree in “disruption.” While Chris wasn’t interested in another degree (for now), he was interested in this new term which seemed to perfectly summarize his life. From running for mayor at age 19 to running marathons and ultra marathons, from Guinness World Record attempts to founding innovative non-profits, Chris had been “disrupting” the status quo since long before he knew there was a name for it. Since that fateful email, Chris has learned everything he can about disruption and, specifically, what characteristics and tendencies disruptors seem to share. Now, he shares that knowledge with anyone who wants to ask better questions, challenge the status quo, and change the world around them. This subject is perfect for any groups who want to push the envelope, lean into the future, and embrace innovation that brings change. What is a disruptor? What do disruptors do? What characteristics do most disruptors share with one another? Why is it that disruptors seem to be the ones who change the world? What can every group or company learn about disruption that will make them better than their
competitors? How can every person get more of what they want out of life by implementing these unique disruption techniques?

Lisa M. Burton , MS ’10 | Director
Mays Business School – Marketing Program

Ugly Christmas Sweater: Come wearing your favorite Ugly Christmas Sweater and be entered in a drawing
for a Christmas Cheer Basket valued at $100!


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