February Monthly Meeting

Are YOU looking for…
personal growth, professional development,
leadership skills for career advancement,
public speaking
experience, networking opportunities,
and continuing education?
YOU are in the right place!

Members and Guests are invited!

Albert Diaz
Diaz Financial Services and Insurance – President
My Parents On Board – Co-Founder & CFO

Negotiating a Pay Raise

Every aspect in your daily life is a negotiation, whether it’s 10 more minutes of sleep in exchange to spend $5 on Starbucks on the way to work (because you will not have time to brew your coffee at home), pizza night for an extra day of cardio. We are so accustomed to negotiating that we don’t even realize it , yet it is so difficult for many people to negotiate a pay raise. Albert will share several critical components for a successful and beneficial negotiation along with techniques and applicable skills to use in your next negotiation.

– Believe in yourself?
– Unattach yourself when negotiating and do your research.
– Timing and approach.

Albert Diaz is an Industrial Engineer with Major in Administration and also holds a Masters of Engineering degree focused on Economics. Albert has over 12 years of experience as a Business Consultant in diversified markets such as: Financial, Retail, Logistics, Hospitality and Technology.

Debbie Holladay – Holladay Associates, Inc.

Please RSVP to Robin Taylor at lwenrsvp4lunch@gmail.com by noon on Friday, February 7th.

Also, please click the ticket URL to pay in advance. If you do pay in advance, you must also RSVP to Robin Taylor at lwenrsvp4lunch@gmail.com.

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